• Asnow89

    Zodiac Beginnings

    December 23, 2014 by Asnow89

    Check out this awesome summary from the Zodiac Books website!

    The Zodiac Galaxy is comprised of Twelve Constellations, or Houses, that revolve around the great galactic sun Helios, each one named and modeled after a Zodiac Sign. There is a legend of a Thirteenth House—Ophiuchus, the Thirteenth Zodiac Sign—but by now the story has been told and retold for so many generations that it’s regarded as nothing more than myth.

    Scientists believe Helios marks the site of the original Big Bang that gave birth to the Zodiac, and therefore everyone is taught that Helios is the anchor to life, though each House holds its own spiritual beliefs about it. History tells us the original human colonizers came from a distant and long-gone planet called Earth, …

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