House Capricorn
Dates December 22 – January 19
House 10th
Word For Guardian Sage
Word For Zodai Chronicler
Color Brown
Element Cardinal House, Earth
Strength Wisdom

The ConstellationEdit

The Seagoat constellation has one inhabited planet, Tierre — the largest in the Zodiac — and one small moon. Tierre has the widest range of topography and animal species of any House; its surface is colored in various shades of green, brown, orange, gray, and blue. The planet has a single massive landmass, Verity, surrounded by an ocean. Capricorns live in modest homes on vast plots of land, and nearly every citizen has multiple pets that live free-range. Yet Verity’s true riches lie beneath its surface: deep underground, Capricorns have built a treasure trove of truths — the Zodiax. All Capricorns are devoted to maintaining and protecting the knowledge housed there — as well as expanding it.

The PeopleEdit


House Capricorn represents Wisdom. Its people are wise, patient, organized, down-to-earth, by-the-book, stubborn, and conservative. They carefully amass knowledge throughout their lives, and every Capricorn considers it his purpose to protect the planet’s animals and environment, as well as pursue and promote knowledge.


Besides being the wisest people in the universe, Capricorns are also the tallest and shortest: Half the population is tall and dark-skinned, and the other half is short and ruddy-complexioned. Capricorns don’t follow any fashion trends — but black robes are the House’s traditional “uniform.”

The TechnologyEdit

Capricorns believe in quantifying and containing knowledge, so they carry with them a Sensethyser, a wand-like device which they use to capture and create holographic versions of anything new they stumble across, in addition to sending messages and searching the Zodiax database. When pointed at an item, the Sensethyser digests every detail and creates a holographic replica that is simultaneously downloaded in a terminal of the Zodiax for review and classification.

The GovernmentEdit

Capricorn is a socialist society where there is no personal property. Everything is everyone’s and no one’s — their philosophy is we borrow possessions while we’re alive and return them when we die. Everyone has communal meals, everyone gets the same size plot of land, and everyone contributes to the greater good of the whole. The only political figurehead is the Guardian, and his or her function is ensuring the Capricorn way of life is not disturbed, as well as communicating with the other Houses to document new truths they’ve uncovered. The Guardian’s Council and Royal Guard are in charge of controlling and overseeing House-wide essentials, like food production, social services, transportation, security, and so on.

The GuardianEdit

Sage Frederique Ferez — Almost a centenarian and considered the wisest man in the galaxy, his good standing with the other Guardians has enabled him to coax truths for the Zodiax from even the most secretive Houses. He also has a collection of all the eleven signature technologies of all the houses. He believes that the search for truth does not discriminate and implies the "two heads are better than one" ideal (although in his case, eleven heads).